Which Britax car seat should I buy


Which Britax car seat should I buy?

The answer to the query of ‘which Britax car seat should I buy?’ depends upon the age of the child as well his height and weight. A car seat should have the ability to grow with a child. As the child matures, he graduates from his initial rear-facing car seat to a front-facing car seat.

Factors in the determination of which Britax car seat should I buy?

The safety and comfort that is provided by a Britax car seat should be the underlying factors for consideration in the quest for the answer to the question of ‘which Britax car seat should I buy?’ First and foremost it must have the safety certification from the Federal Motoe Vehicle Safety government agency.

To determine which Britax car seat is a good buy, features such as substantial and all over padding provision, a five point harness system, an anti-skid base, a proper installation level indicator and a tether must be present in a car seat for child safety provision. Furthermore, features such as adjustable backs and headrests, generous cushioning covers made from soft fabrics and removable pillows should be lookout for,  this time, for the comfort provision of the child.

Two available market choices for ‘Which Britax car seat should I buy?’which britax car seat should i buy

 1. Britax Marathon 70

The Britax Marathon 70 is a Britax car seat which one choice that is highly rated and has exceeded the safety standards set by car seat technicians, firemen as well as independent consumer rating agencie. It has one of the lost user-friendly systems for harness height adjustments that can be done with one hand. It can be used by the child from birth to his first school outing with its high upper weight limit of 70 pounds.

2. Britax Boulevard 70Britax Boulevard 70

The Britax Boulevard 70 is a Britax car seat which one choice has safety wings, made with expanded polystyrene a.k.a. EPS foam padding, also used for motorcycle helmets, for side-impact collision protection. It has extra high height of 49 inches and weight limits up to 70 pounds forward-facing and 5 to 40 pounds rear-facing in a five point harness. It is however bulky and not particularly portable.

Which Britax car seat should I buy? And Why?

While both Britax Marathon 70 and Britax Boulevard 70 share the same high consumer rating, the Britax Marathon 70 is the more popular model with its more than 40 consumer reviews received over the Britax Boulevard 70. More importantly, the Britax Marathon 70 offers a purchase price of more than $30 lower than the Britax Boulevard 70. So our answer to the query of ‘which Britax car seat should I buy?’ is the Britax Marathon 70.

 Our Pick : Britax Marathon 70

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