Britax Parkway SG: A Booster Seat You Can Count On


Britax Parkway SGBritax Parkway SG


Britax Parkway SG Booster Seat features an innovative design and industry leading technology.

This booster seat is very effective and reliable in terms of a kid’s safety inside the car in case an impact happens.

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The Booster Seat Britax Parkway SG has a dimension of 15″ x 17″ x 35″ and weighs approximately 9.7 pounds.

This booster seat uses anti-submarining technology called SecureGuard.

The SecureGuard is the key factor to the seat’s ability to prevent the user to slide down the lap belt portion during an impact thus minimizing the danger of abdominal injuries.

Britax Parkway SG also utilizes the True Side Impact Protection technology that contains and shields the head, neck and spine aligned well to limit injuries. While the Color Coded-Vehicle Belt Guides are helps the indication of the path and position of the seat belt thus giving appropriate fitting to give for the user with the seat belt.

The booster seat is also employed with the Energy-Absorbing Foam Liner (EPS) that absorbs and distributes crash forces. This Foam Liner also adds an extra cushioning while sitting during a longer travelling. A high-densed comfort foam is present in this booster seat providing extra layer of padding for gentle cushioning.

The Britax Parkway SG has a weight capacity of 40-120 pounds and height capacity of 38″-63″. While the Seated Shoulder height with the backrest is 21″. This high forward-racing seat allows older kids to remain in an appropriate belt positioning.

The armrest of this car seat offers a secure fit and a comfortable place for resting tired arms. There are also retractable cup holders in this seat thus offering extra comfort for the user.

Moreover, Britax Parkway SG is also employed with a Removable Backrest that easily converts the seat to a backless booster car seat while maintaining security features of the SecureGuard.

Britax Parkway SG has the Quick Adjust Head Restraint that that easily adjusts for comfort, custom fit and an enhanced safety.

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This booster seat can allow to fit with 3 seats across the back seat. This car seat is made with soft and durable materials. The seat’s cover is easy to remove from its shell for further cleaning.

Britax Parkway SG is available in many patterns such as Matrix, Onyx, Pink Sky and Sesame and has a limited 1 year warranty.

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  • True Side Impact Protection
  • SecureGuard
  • Color Coded Vehicle Belt Guides
  • High Density Comfort Foam
  • Removable Back
  • Quick Adjust Head Restraint
  • Energy Absorbing Foam Liner (EPS)
  • 120-Pound Weight Capacity
  • Armrests
  • Cup Holders
  • Durable, Easy to Remove and Washable Seat Cover
  • Narrow Footprint



  • Product Weight: 9.7 pounds (without backrest: 5.1 pounds)
  • Dimensions: 15″ x 17″ x 35″ (D x W x H)
  • Weight Capacity: 40-120 pounds
  • Height Capacity: 38-63 inches
  • Shoulder Height (seated): 21.5 inches
  • Shoulder Width: 12.5 inches
  • SecureGuard Strap Distance: 7.5 inches


  • Top Safety Quality
  • Durably Made
  • Made with Soft Materials
  • Nice Retractable Cup Holders
  • EPS for extra cushioning
  • Narrow Fitting
  • Ideal for small cars
  • On Sale for 24% off here


What Present Customers Say About Britax Parkway SG Car Seat


- Jimmy says it offers great comfort while travelling. He also said that it doesn’t just rely on the SecureGuard’s safety abilities but to  its many safety technologies as well like True Side Impact Protection and Adjustable Head Restraint.


-Sandra says that it fits well in her car with extra 4 back seat passengers.


These are paraphrased customer reviews, see more here…

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Britax Parkway SG Booster Car Seat, Onyx

Britax Parkway SG Booster Car Seat, Onyx

  • Booster child height and weight: 38" - 63", approximately 40 - 120 pounds
  • Seated shoulder height with backrest: 21"
  • True side impact protection distributes crash forces, shields from vehicle intrusion,keeps the head, neck and spine aligned
  • Secure Guard works with the vehicle safety belt to prevent the child from sliding under the lap-belt
  • Higher forward-facing booster seat capacity allows older children to remain in a belt positioning booster to 120 pounds


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