Britax Marathon G4 is the entry level convertible seat with well above average safety features

Britax Marathon G4


Britax Marathon G4The Britax Marathon G4 is an entry level convertible seat, coming fitted well above average safety features.

It is a comfortable seat that is easy to install and adjust, excellent for those who cannot quite afford the Boulevard or the Advocate.

The Britax Marathon G4 is suitable for use of children between 5 and 65 lbs and can be used rear facing up to 40 lbs.

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The Britax Marathon G4 is safe, comfortable and easy to use, fitted to a base installed in a car using either the adult seat belt straps or the lower LATCH connectors.

Little extra details, such as shoulder pads and head rest, make this convertible seat more comfortable to a small child, particularly its nicely padded shoulder rest and its provision of a good amount of restraint without causing child discomfort.

The great feature of the Britax Marathon G4 comes in its EZ-Buckle system, without which it would take parents forever to reach under the child’s bottom in pulling the buckle to the front for fastening the shoulder straps into it.


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Britax Marathon G4 Product Features:

  • belt-fitted only once a child weighs 40 lbs or more
  • features safe cells designed for compression in a crash, significantly lowering the center of gravity and counteracting the forward rotation of the child seat, normally propelling a child towards the front seat, via its base with SafeCell technology
  • provides resistance to forward movement in the event of a crash through its HUGS, i.e., harness ultra guard system
  • provides deep side walls lined with energy absorbing EPP foam for crash force distribution, vehicle intrusion shielding and head, neck and body containment with its side impact protection feature
  • distributes crash forces across the strongest parts of the body and provides a secure fit through its tangle free, 5 point harness

Britax Marathon G4 Product Features

Britax Marathon G4 Pros & Cons:


  • ISOFIX base with SafeCell technology
  • integrated steel bars
  • HUGS chest pads
  • standard side impact protection
  • no re-thread harness system
  • premium lower latch connectors featuring easy push button release, allowing for quick and simple installation
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  • lacks True Side Impact Protection
  • no SICT
  • no HUGS with SafeCell Technology


What Customers Say about the Britax Marathon G4:

“This is our 2nd Marathon seat but the fabric on this particular model (G4- Kiwi) is so much softer than the 1st. Feels very smooth against the skin so I think it’s comfy for my little one. I was concerned with the light green color showing dirt, but so far any spots have wiped up quickly with no problem. Installation was pretty easy; just be sure to move the crotch panel first if this is for an infant so you don’t pinch their legs. The easy adjust head rest/should strap is a wonderful (no need to take the seat out to rethread the shoulder straps, yeah!) and I trust the Britax brand to keep my child safe. A great buy. – Denise, Sanatoga, PA


What People Say about Britax Marathon G4

“I have two young children and have tried and compared a lot of different seats. In the end, the britax marathon wins the award for the “next step” to the infant carrier seats. I think it gives the needed support for a young baby while also being a comfortable seat for an older toddler. I find that this seat offers fantastic safety features that go well beyond many of the comparable seats on the market.

For us, this seat did what we wanted (safe, functional, nice looking and comfortable) so we did not feel we needed to pay extra money for some of the additional features that the more expensive (Britax) models have. In fact, I think some of the newer features feel like an over-kill to an already great seat that is superior in safety!

The pros of the G4 to older Marathon models- the crotch buckle stays pointed out so you don’t have to fish for it underneath your child. This is huge!

The cons or limitations– this seat does sit up a bit higher than some of the comps (Diono, etc.,) I actually liked this as it feels better suited for babies and toddlers. However, I imagine that a 4-5year old might feel a bit baby-ish in the seat & the nice cushioned wings (although safe) do block the window view a bit. This was actually another reason I felt it wasn’t worth paying extra money for the more expensive versions as I think we will probably upgrade to the booster/combo seat around 4 years old. If you are buying multiple seats for multiple kids and cars, you have to prioritize what is and what isn’t important and if It doesn’t add needed safety features, comfort or luxery.. I just don’t see the point. then it starts to feel like just spending money to spend money.

So again.. great seat and the G4 does feel above and beyond others in it’s class!” – RBF “Rachel F”


“I love this Britax seat for a lot of reasons. I’m not a safety tester so I’m not going to write about this seat vs. others in that regard. When installed properly this seat with the HUG system and side impact protection will keep your child safe.

What I’m here to say is that this seat among all we tested fits the best in my car. I drive a Ford Escape and have my child rear facing in the middle position using LATCH. The seat fits snugly and there is still back seat room for both putter seats. The seat itself fits my 17 lb 4 month old perfectly.” – Penguin Chick





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