Britax Car Seat for Air Travel

What is a Britax Car Seat for Air Travel?

The Britax car seat for air travel must have a label stating that it is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft. It can be an infant seat, convertible, forward facing seat and combination seat with harness, likewise known as harnessed booster, allowed if used in 5 point harness mode.

Travelling with Children

Here are some tips for easier britax car seat for flyingtravel with children. Raising the armrest will add space should the car seat base be wide. The aircraft seatback should be reclined to install a forward facing car seat. The belt must be placed through the car seat belt path and the belt must be buckled with the buckle flap toward the airplane seatback for easy releasing. The seat belt must be tightened and the seatback raised.

One adult can board the plane first for car seat installation purposes should two adults be travelling. The child can stay in the boarding area with the other adult until the last boarding call to reduce child restlessness. A pacifier or a bottle filled with water should be brought as sucking helps to keep the ears of the baby from hurting during take off and landing.

Since delays are never anticipated, extra diapers, wipes and snacks must also be brought. The use of a car seat with a stroller base is best for getting to and from the airport gate easily. For seat hauling, a looped tether strap can be used. It will also be helpful to bring along a car seat bag with carrying straps for holding toys and supplies.

Features of the Britax Car Seat for Air Travel

The Britax car seat for flying must be narrow and must be less than 16 inches wide to fit on most airplanes. It must be light to be better for air travel as it would be carried down the aisle and lifted up onto the seat.

The Britax car seat for air travel must be able to virtually accommodate every baby until 12 months and most kids until 18 months or older. It must be a breeze to get the child and the car seat to the destination by wheeling them on a stroller.

The Britax car set for travelocity must only weigh around 11 pounds for easy travel and installs very easily and tightly using a vehicle seat beat to make it a terrific option for travel in and outside the U.S.

The Britax car seat for air travel must be an extremely portable car seat that installs quickly and easily that is also extremely safe in a 5 point harness. It must easily fit in an overhead bin on the plane.

Two Options for the Britax Car Seat for Air Travel Available on the MarketBritax Car Seat for Air Travel

1. Britax Roundabout 55

The Britax Roundabout 55 is a Britax car seat for air travel that comes with a base with SafeCell technology that features SafeCells designed to compress in a crash. The normal propelling of the child toward the front seat primarily due to the forward rotation of the child seat is counteracted and the centre of gravity is significantly lowered by this technology.

The strengthening of the connection to the vehicle and the reduction of the forward flexing of the child seat during a crash is achieved with the integrated steel bars of this car seat. The slowing of the forward movement, the reduction of crash forces reaching the child and the minimization of rotation while anchoring the top of the child seat is a feature of the staged release tether webbing of the car seat also referred to as energy absorbing versa-tether.

2. Britax Marathon 70 G3

Britax Marathon 70 G3The Britax Marathon 70 G3 is a Britax car seat for flying designed for children rear facing from 5 to 40 pounds and forward facing from 20 up to 70 pounds. Through the use of Britax SafeCell technology in the base, integrated steel bars and energy absorbing versa-tether working together, the minimization of head excursion and the reduction of the risk of head injury during a frontal impact are possible with this car seat and considered a revolutionary head safety feature.

It also incorporates Britax side impact protection and offers a no rethread and quick adjust 5 point harness, multiple buckle and recline adjustments, and an easy remove cover for allowing access to belt paths from the head of the seat. For extra comfort and infant positioning, it provides for a head and body pillow.

Which Britax Car Seat for Air Travel To Go For? And Why?

While both Britax car seat models enjoy a high consumer rating of 4 ½ star points, an indication of equality in terms of features and functions, the Roundabout 55 has received around 55 more consumer reviews than the Marathon 70, a factor that instigates the existence of more current users of the car seat. Likewise, the Roundabout 55 is approximately $46 less than the Marathon 70 in terms of price, making it more affordable to more consumers. Our pick for the Britax car seat for air travel is the Britax Roundabout 55.

Our Pick : Britax Roundabout 55

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