Britax Boulevard G4 is a mid-range convertible car seat offering HUGS Chest Pads with SafeCell technology and True Side Impact Protection

Britax Boulevard G4


Britax Boulevard G4The Britax Boulevard G4 is a mid-range premium convertible car seat, fitted with lots of great safety features.

It is a comfortable seat, easily installable and adjustable.

The Britax Boulevard G4 is the best option for parents needing 3 seat in a row, confident enough to fit the seat without the Safe & Snug Harness mechanism.

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The Britax Boulevard G4 is fitted to a base installed in a car using either the adult seat belt straps or the lower LATCH connectors.

It can be used for children weighing between 5 and 65 lbs or until the height of the child exceeds 49”, whichever comes first. It can be used rear facing up to 40 lbs.

The Britax Boulevard G4 comes with the HUGS Chest Pads with SafeCell technology instead of the HUGS Harness Ultra Guard system of the Britax Marathon G4 and True Side Impact Protection instead of the Side Impact Protection of the Britax Marathon G4.


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Britax Boulevard G4 Features:

  • HUGS Chest Pads with SafeCell technology designed for energy compression and management  in the event of a crash to reduce the amount of impact forces experienced by the child
    • no longer with strap running through, attaching to the shell
    • smoother loosening mechanism
  • True Side Impact Protection provided by special energy-absorbing foam used to line head restraint, designed for greater protection against side impact collisions, enabling the child’s spine to remain straight during side impacts, thus reducing injury risk
  • base with SafeCell technology, significantly lowering center of gravity and counteracting child seat forward rotation, normally propelling the child toward the front seat
  • tangle free 5 point harness for secure fit provision and crash force distribution across the strongest body parts in the event of a crash
  • premium lower LATCH connectors for quick and simple installation featuring a push button for easy release

Britax Boulevard G4 Features

Britax Boulevard G4 Pros & Cons:





  • no side SICT a.k.a. Side Impact Cushion Technology
  • no Click & Safe Snug Harness mechanism


What People Say about the Britax Boulevard G4:

Britax Boulevard G4 Fabrics and Colors

“Purchased 2 of these for our twins when they outgrew their infant seats, and I LOVE them!!! But honestly at first was not a big fan because the piece between their legs was so short and when you tried to click it, it would pull their shoulders down and was horrible.. come to find out, that DOES adjust, and now we just love these. We bought them at $256 a car seat because I kept watching the lightning deals, at the moment they are $380 a car seat… which is crazy. But the safety features of this seat you can’t put a price label on. Watch for it to come up on lightning deals!! :) ” – Jaxter

Britax Boulevard G4 Fit Chart

“Your paying a lot and you will not necessary notice the safety features built in, but Grandkids safety is really important so worth the cost to me. This is a high quality baby throne and seems to be comfortable (at least no complaints from 18 month old). Installation is straightforward and adjusting is much easier on this seat verses many others I have used.” – DCD

Britax Boulevard G4 Product Features

“After much research for the safety of convertible child car seats, my wife and I had already decided to pursue a purchase of a Britax seat. When this popped up on Vine I left at the opportunity to try it out for my child.

This is one of the best quality seats that I have seen. Pretty easy to install correctly and it feels incredibly secure. I also like the head protection that the seat offers in the case of side collision. The padding is excellent and you do get a sense that this seat would protect your child in an accident.

And that is really what it’s all about.

This chair is 100% worth the money. In fact my wife and I purchased a second one for our other vehicle.” – shivatrance




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