Britax Boulevard ClickTight is the mid range convertible car seat in the Britax ClickTight series

Britax Boulevard ClickTight


Britax Boulevard ClickTight Side Impact Protection PlusThe Britax Boulevard ClickTight is the mid range convertible car seat in the Britax ClickTight series.

The Britax ClickTight System is a mechanism for installing child car seats using the regular seatbelt rather than the LATCH connectors.

The ClickTight System in the new Britax ClickTight series, including the Britax Boulevard ClickTight, is so easy to use, almost foolproof that even tired and emotional parents can install them with ease.

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Britax Boulevard ClickTight Specifications:

  • Britax Boulevard ClickTightchild weight is 5 to 40 lbs rear-facing and 20 to 65 lbs forward-facing
  • child should be at least 1 year old for forward-facing
  • child standing height is 49” or less
  • child seated shoulder height is 7.6” to 18.65” rear-facing and 18.65” or less forward-facing
  • product weight is 29.4 lbs
  • product dimensions are 18.5” w x 23.5” h x 23” d
  • seating compartment height is 23.75”
  • seat area depth is 10.5” while seat area width is 11.5”
  • shoulder width is 16”
  • harness slot heights is 8.35” to 19.4” in 0.85” increments
  • harness slot has 14 options
  • buckle strap depths are 5.25” and/or 7”


Britax Boulevard ClickTight General Features

The following features are shared by the Britax Boulevard ClickTight with the other convertible car seats in the Britax ClickTight series:

  • ClickTight Installation System
  • SafeCell Impact Protection System
  • SafeCell Impact Absorbing Base compresses to absorb crash energy and counteract forward movement
  • SafeCell Impact Stabilizing Steel Frame provides added strength through the spine of the car seat and reduces forward flex
  • SafeCell Impact Absorbing Tether minimizes potential seat rotation with our unique two-strap design and slows forward movement
  • SafeCell Impact Absorbing Harness keeps your child’s chest clip correctly positioned and absorbs energy in the event of a collision

Britax Boulevard ClickTight Specific Features

  • Quick-Adjust, Harness and 2-Position Buckle allows you to easily move the harness upward and buckle outward for a comfortable, secure fit as your child grows
  • 7-Position Recline with Automatic Level Indicator adjusts for your child’s comfort while ensuring the best installation angle for your vehicle
  • Plush Foam Padding in the cover, buckle pad, shoulder pads and removable pillow surrounds your child in comfort at every touch point
  • EZ-Buckle System keeps buckles and straps out of your way when placing your child in the car seat.
  • Easy-Remove Cover for cleaning convenience.
  • Certified for Aircraft Travel
  • Made in the USA with global components


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Britax Boulevard ClickTight Specific Features

The following features are specific only to the Britax Boulevard ClickTight:

  • the product weight of the Britax Boulevard ClickTight is 29.4 lbs
  • the Britax Boulevard ClickTight seat is 18.5” wide
  • the maximum seated shoulder height on the Britax Boulevard ClickTight is 18.65”, 1.7” more than the Britax Marathon ClickTight
  • there are 14 harness slot options in the Britax Boulevard ClickTight, 2 more than the Britax Marathon ClickTight
  • the Britax Boulevard ClickTight is fitted with Side Impact Protection Plis or True Side Impact Protection, i.e., rigid seat shell with deep side walls and energy-absorbing foam and headrest with energy absorbing foam
  • the Britax Boulevard ClickTight is fitted with the Click & Safe Snug Harness Indicator
  • the Britax Boulevard ClickTight fabric comes in circa, kaleidoscope, metro and splash
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Britax Boulevard ClickTight Fabric Colors

What Customers Say about the Britax Boulevard ClickTight:

“I did HOURS of research hoping to find the safest car seat that offered extended rear facing and an easy and secure seatbelt install (I have a ’99 Totota 4Runner without any latch hooks). I purchased and installed 3 car seats-the Diono RadianXT, Chicco Nextfit and the Britax Clicktight Boulevard.

1. Install- Of all of the seats, the Clicktight Boulevard was the easiest to install and felt the most secure with the seat belt installation in my middle backseat. The clicktight feature ensures that the seatbelt is locked in place. I love the rear facing harness that was also no problem to install, making the seat extra secure attached to the lower anchor of the driver seat. This car seat does not move! It fit in the middle backseat with plenty of room for passengers (or another car seat) on either side and enough room for the driver and passenger to move their seats.

2. Extended Rear Facing- I really hope to rear face my toddler as long as we can and the new Boulevard offers extended rear facing height, with the measurement going off of the adjustable head rest on these new seats instead of the outer shell of the car seat. I only wish Britax had increased the weight limit with the height limit!

3. Comfort & style- My toddler LOVES this seat. The fabric is soft and plush, almost has a neoprene feel that looks like it will be easy to clean. The car seat manual has instructions on how to remove the cover and machine wash also. The extra padded headrest wings have been great for stabilizing her head when she falls asleep, we haven’t had any slumping over. The harness covers are a bit bulky for my tiny toddler, but I read on the Britax website that they are another safety feature. The Kaleidoscope design is very cute!

Overall, I am so happy that I have found the near perfect convertible car seat!
My only complaints are:
-the high price: Its a little pricey, but you get what you pay for!
-no cup holder!: For the price, a cup holder should not be an additional purchase.
-the car seat weight: This thing is HEAVY! I will most likely not be taking this seat on an airplane. I think I will purchase a much lighter seat for travel.

I chose the Boulevard over the Marathon for 2 extra safety features: the extended rear facing and the extra side impact protection headrest. Also, the fabric is much nicer on the Boulevard. At the time of purchase, it was only a $30 difference between the 2, and the extra safety for my baby is priceless!” – jessd

What People Say About Britax Boulevard ClickTight

“I also spent hours researching car seats. My daughter is 1 yrs old and tall. And I also installed the car seat in a 4Runner (but 2005 Toyota). I used the latch hooks and the car seat does not budge at all. It’s amazingly secure. Definitely worth the money. My older daughter had a Marathon which was also great. I like the side-impact head support on the Boulevard. The pattern is super cute. So far I love the seat.” – Sharon P




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