Britax Boulevard 70 G3 Your Car Seat that can be Converted to Safe Guard your Kids

Britax Boulevard 70 G3Britax Boulevard 70 G3


The Britax Boulevard 70 G3 is the convertible baby car seat that can accommodate children 5 to 40 pounds rear facing and 20 to 70 pounds forward facing.

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The Britax Boulevard 70 G3 is designed and crafted purposely to minimize any movement of head forward in order to lessen the i9mpact and the risk of injuries.

The baby car seat enclosed the safety technology intended to protect baby’s head.

The Britax Boulevard 70 G3 built lessens the impact of the crash like it compresses to protect your baby. The gravitational center is lowered and then counteracts to the child’s seat rotation. The safecell technology found in the base of the Britax Boulevard 70 G3 is a revolutionary feature.

The built-in steel bars of this car seat strengthen the entire connection of the seat to your vehicle as well as lessen the flexing forward during the crash. The versa tether of the Britax Boulevard 70 G3 is energy absorbent for added comfort. It has stage release and attachments in two points for any forward movement and ease of mobility.

The Britax Boulevard 70 G3 has the chest pads called HUGS together with the technology called safecell. These features are integrated with the product to make sure that the car seat is placed properly. Also, it can give added safety cushion in case of car crash thus it can safe guard you kid.

This new Britax Boulevard 70 G3 has the protection for side impacts which can protect your child in any severe crashes. This car seat has additional layer of pep foam that is energy absorbent that can give support to all body parts of your child. It can allow the body to be aligned and avoid discomfort.

The tangle free harness in five points is easy to release with just a single push of the button. These harness straps can be easily released to have omfort while boarding or releasing your kid from the car seat. The multiple buckles along with reclining positions and comfort allow positioning in tune for premium comfort.

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Britax Boulevard 70 G3 Product Features:

  • The Britax Boulevard 70 G3 is made from comfortable and 100% Polyester.
  • It has protection features like the real side impact shield in order that forces during car crash are distributed.
  • During intrusion, baby’s body parts like head, the neck and the body and enclosed inside the Britax Boulevard 70 G3 car seat.
  • It has a base that is built using safecell technology that is intended to compress during car crash.
  • The center of the car seat lowers plus it counteracts any forward rotation.
  • It features the built-in steel bars that strengthen any connections towards your car and it also reduce whatever forward flexing there is during crash.
  • The versa-tether that is energy absorbent features the staged-release webbing tether to reduce any forward movement.
  • The Harness Ultra Guard System or HUGS are chest pads that provide resistance in any forward movement during accidents or crash.


Britax Boulevard 70 G3 Pros and Cons:


  • This baby car seat from Britax has the built-in features like the protection for accidents and any car crash called safecell technology.
  • This product from 100% Polyester which means it is comfortable for your baby.
  • The tether webbing is easy to lock and release for effortless boarding and release of your kid.
  • The Britax Boulevard 70 G3 is made from light yet durable materials that only Britax can offer.
  • The price is affordable for a trusted car seat for infants.
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  • There parents who complain about the lacking adjustments for the harness straps.


What customers have to say about the Britax Boulevard 70 G3?

Based on the experience of KG06, this car seat is a must have. It features all the characteristics you are looking for a car seat for infants with safe guarding characteristics. The Britax Boulevard 70 G3 is a well recommended product for parents.

According to Adam J. Hamm, this Britax Boulevard 70 G3 is the car seat for those parents who love to bring their kids on the road. This product is lightweight however you can encounter problems like getting it out of the car because of its dimensions. The Britax Boulevard 70 G3 in general is a must have car seat for baby’s safety.


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