Britax B Safe 35 is the regular seat that refreshes the Britax B Safe infant seat line, having an upgraded 35 pound rear-facing weight limit & a number of additional safety features thrown in

Britax B Safe 35

Britax B Safe 35The Britax B Safe 35 is the regular infant car seat that refreshes the long-running Britax B-Safe infant seat line, having an upgraded 35 pound rear-facing weight limit and a number of additional safety features thrown in.

Its safety features are designed to offer greater side impact protection while making the seat easier to install and use.

Being an infant seat, the Britax B Safe 35 can only be used in a rear-facing configuration, directly from the hospital to carry a baby home as soon as he is born, a lot lighter and easier to use than even the lightest of convertible seats.

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The Britax B Safe 35 offers a significant boot in rear-facing ability due to its higher weight limit and side impact technology built into it.

It boosts of stroller compatibility with a range of Britax strollers, locally manufactured in the US and good to use on an airplane, being FAA aircraft approved.

Safety wise, the Britax B Safe 35 focuses on side impact protection, with its Impact Absorbing Base, designed to compress and absorbed a certain amount of crash energy before reaching the child.


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Britax B Safe 35 Feature 1


Britax B Safe 35 Fit Chart:

  • can be used rear facing only
  • Seated Shoulder Height is 6.5” to 11”
  • Weight is 4 lbs to 35 lbs
  • Height is 32” or less


Britax B Safe 35 Features:

  • Britax B Safe 35 Feature 2SafeCell Impact Protection is an integrated system of safety components that work together to protect your child beyond the established standards. Including our Impact Absorbing Base, Impact Stabilizing Steel Frame, and Complete Side Impact Protection, SafeCell means your child is surrounded in best-in-class safety
  • SafeCell Impact Absorbing Base reduces the potential for injury by compressing to absorb crash energy
  • SafeCell Complete Side Impact Protection surrounds your child in a deep protective shell designed to absorb crash forces and shield your child
  • SafeCell Impact Stabilizing Steel Frame gives you peace of mind knowing there is strength where you want it most, at the connection point to the vehicle
  • Britax B Safe 35 Feature 3SafeCenter LATCH Installation provides simple, convenient car seat installation through the use of easy center-pull straps that cinch down quickly
  • Streamlined Design takes up less space in your vehicle while providing best in class comfort and protection
  • Click & Go System featuring a quick-release handle makes for an easy and secure attachment to any Britax stroller
  • Removable Head Pillow ensures newborns heads are properly positioned and cozy
  • Extra-Large Canopy provides sun and rain protection
  • Easy-On / Easy-Off LATCH Connectors lock into place with an audible click and are easily released with the push of a button
  • Spring-Assisted Recline and Dual Level Indicators make setting the proper installation angle simple and easy
  • Easy-Release Harness Button makes it simple to loosen harness straps
  • Ergonomic Handle makes carrying comfortable for the hand or forearm
  • Built-in Lock-Offs ensure a snug vehicle seat belt installation with minimal effort
  • Certified for Aircraft Travel
  • Made in the USA with global components


Britax B Safe 35 Pros:

  • Britax B Safe 35 Feature 4unique, center-pull lower LATCH anchor installation with premium push-on lower anchor connectors
  • SafeCell impact-absorbing technology in the base
  • dimensions small enough to fit preemies well
  • wide beltpath guides on carrier for easier installation without base
  • spring-loaded adjustable base with 3 positions
  • new cinching lockoffs for seatbelt installations
  • new smaller chest clip design
  • extra large canopy
  • easy-to-remove cover on Elite model
  • designed to take up less space in the vehicle
  • made in USA, a rarity for infant seats
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