Britax Advocate G4 is the top of the range car seat, only seat that comes with SICT a.k.a. Side Impact Cushion Technology

Britax Advocate G4


Britax Advocate G4The Britax Advocate G4 is a premium convertible car seat and one of the best on the market today, fitted with almost every possible safety feature imaginable in a car seat.

It is a comfortable seat, easily installable and adjustable, suitable for children weighing between 5 and 65 lbs, provided they are no more than 49” tall and can be used rear facing up to 40 lbs.

The Britax Advocate G4 is the top of the range car seat, packed with a great many excellent safety features, potentially the number 1 choice for convertible car seats.

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Britax Advocate G4-BThe Britax Advocate G4 can be installed in the vehicle using either the adult seat belt or LATCH connectors.

While similar in look to the Britax Marathon G4, Britax Boulevard G4 and Britax Pavilion G4 and comes with HUGS Chest Pads with SafeCell Technology, True Side Impact Protection and Click & Snag Harness Indicator just like the Britax Pavilion G4, it is the only seat in the Britax G4 series that comes with SICT a.k.a. Side Impact Cushion Technology.

The Britax Advocate G4 is a premium seat with a premium price tag, justifiable by the SICT it provides.


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Britax Advocate G4 Features:

  • Britax Advocate G4 SICTHUGS Chest Pads with SafeCell technology designed for energy compression and management  in the event of a crash to reduce the amount of impact forces experienced by the child
    • no longer with strap running through, attaching to the shell
    • smoother loosening mechanism
  • True Side Impact Protection provided by special energy-absorbing foam used to line head restraint, designed for greater protection against side impact collisions, enabling the child’s spine to remain straight during side impacts, thus reducing injury risk
  • Click & Safe Snug Harness indicator for audible aid in extra assurance provision of the harness being within appropriate snugness range
  • SICT comprising of energy management cushions on either side of the seat that absorbs side impact forces before reaching the child, reducing serious head injury risk
  • base with SafeCell technology, significantly lowering center of gravity and counteracting child seat forward rotation, normally propelling the child toward the front seat


Britax Advocate G4 Pros & Cons:



  • base with SafeCell technology
  • integrated steel bars
  • HUGS with SafeCell technology for crash energy management & forward head movement
  • SICT for side impact energy transfer reduction by 45%
  • Click & Safe Snug Harness indicator for added peace of mind
  • no re-thread harness system
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  • quite expensive
  • can’t fit 3 in the back of a standard sized vehicle due to the SICT


What People Say about the Britax Advocate G4:

Britax Advocate G4 Features“Excellent seat! Very comfortable, very easy to clean, easy to install. A few things I wished I had realized prior to purchasing are that other carseats will rear face a child longer, and extended rear facing is now very recommended. The new Clicktight Model of this seat will have that among many other features. The seat is not necessarily recommended by professionals for a child over the 30% for height as the shell isn’t as long lived as other brands/models (the new click tight however is).” – JN193147


“We are absolutely in love with this car seat! My daughter recently hit the weight max in her last one and this was recommended to us by a close friend. It is a little more expensive than some of the last car seats we have bought for our son (Safety First Complete Air 65 and her previous Graco seat), but it was worth it! She fits so snug in the car seat and it fits great rear facing in our 2010 Toyota Highlander (you may want to check your own vehicle specifications though). It was pretty simple to install and easy to learn how to properly latch her in as well. As we have not used it front facing yet, I am not sure what to say other than that I am confident it will be just as great. Fabulous car seat and I would buy another in a heartbeat!” – KikiMon


“I purchased this car seat for our 10-month-old granddaughter and we have been pleased so far. It’s sturdy, anchors well to the seat with very little movement, using the front and rear straps, and provides good protection. It’s a bit more expensive than other car seats but we wanted the safest car seat we could get. The seat is a little bulky with the side protection but we put it in our daughter’s Subaru Impreza with no problems.” – TEK




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