Best Britax Car Seat Toddlers

What is the Best Britax Car Seat Toddlers?

The best Britax car seat toddlers may be a convertible seat at forward facing mode when the child is at least 1 year old and at least 20 pounds. It is great for babies and toddlers as it can transition with the child as he grows.

Car Seat Safety Check

Reports from the Washington Safest Britax Car Seat ToddlersD.C. based National Safe Kid Campaign, four out of five safety seats are used incorrectly with an average of 3 mistakes per seat. Nearly 500 children under the age of 5 were killed in car crashes, with more than 200 kids in car seats designed to save their lives and 31,700 kids injured while in car seats.

One of the biggest mistakes committed in the installation of car seats is the seat being too loose inside the car. A child in a loose car seat can crash into the back of the front seat and seriously injure his face or head in a collision. The inability to move the safety seat more than one inch to the left, right or forward, is the indication of the proper tightness of a properly installed car seat.

Features of the Best Britax Car Seat Toddlers

The safest Britax car seat toddlers must provide a 5 point harness that is a combination of safety belts that clip across the chest of the toddler, over his thighs and between his legs. The restraining of the child in the event of an accident and the keeping of the child snug and secure at all other times are the benefits provided by this harness.

The best Britax car seat toddlers must offer an overhead shield, i.e., a padded tray like attachment that rests in front of the belly for provision of extra protection in the event of a crash. It can also serve as a great table for toys and other objects during travel.

The top rated Britax car seat toddlers must have a tether attachment, i.e., a strap that attaches the top of the car seat to an anchor in the vehicle. It must include soft and plush pads around the head and back for the provision of a more comfortable riding experience for the child.

The best Britax car seat toddlers must be accessorized with a removable and machine washable cover that can be thoroughly washed to get rid of little spills and stains as toddlers can be a little messy at times.

Two Options for the Best Britax Car Seat Toddlers Available on the Market

1. Britax Marathon 70 G3Best Britax Car Seat Toddlers

The Britax Marathon 70 G3 is the best Britax car seat toddlers as it is easy to install, super safe and kids are comfortable in it. It fits in a car beautifully and perfectly and allows the movement of the front seats back as much as wanted. It has a higher rear facing weight limit of 40 pounds. It is easy and straight forward to install using the LATCH system or the seat belt route with a locking mechanism under the car seat fabric holding the seat belt in place without using metal locking clips. It need not use a pool noodle to make the car seat level.

2. Britax Pavilion 70 G3

Britax Pavilion 70 G3The Britax Pavilion 70 G3 is a top 10 Britax car seat toddlers providing no trouble fitting snugly into any back seat of a vehicle in both forward and rear facing modes. It comes with a soft and comfortable seat material covering. It offers an anchor strap for securing the top of the car seat. It is a child care product worth splurging on. It is a very safe seat with a HUGS system that acts as a good indicator of where the clips should be and also sounds off when the straps are much too loose. It is made up of washable material that is easy to take off.

Which Best Britax Car Seat Toddlers To Go For? And Why?

There is no question that between these two models the Marathon is the better choice. The Pavilion is one half point lower in terms of consumer ratings signifying that the features and functionalities of the Marathon are better appreciated by users. The Pavilion getting less consumer reviews makes it the less popular model signifying the Marathon being the more user friendly model between the two. Finally, the approximated $40 higher price of the Pavilion makes it less appealing to prospective buyers in terms of affordability. Our Pick for the best Britax car seat toddlers is the Britax Marathon 70 G3.

Our Pick : Britax Marathon 70 G3

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