Best Britax Car Seat Infant


What is the Best Britax Car Seat Infant?

The best Britax car seat infant must provide a correctly fitted 5 point harness that is essential for transporting a newborn, beginning with the first ride home of the baby from the hospital. It must meet Federal government safety standards.


Advice for New ParentsBest Britax Car Seat Baby

The most important purchase a new parent can make is the procurement of an infant car seat. All 50 US states require the use of a child car seat for seating and strapping of a child in rear facing position when riding in any vehicle, until a child reaches the first birthday and at least 20 pounds in weight.

A new parent should steer clear of used car seats found at resale shops and yard sales unless the history of the car seat is known confirming its non-involvement in any moderate or severe crash. Otherwise, its non-use is a recommendation of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Features of the Best Britax Car Seat Infant

The best Britax car seat baby must be equipped with a Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children a.k.a. LATCH system designed to make easier and safer installation of a car seat through the attachment of the car seat directly to the vehicle over the use of the safety belt of the vehicle to secure the car seat.

The best Britax car seat infant must be designed for infants weighing 5 to 22 pounds and a maximum of 27 to 29 inches tall. It would be most appreciated should it be able to accommodate infants up to 30 pounds and 33 inches.

The best Britax car seat newborn must provide for energy absorbing EPS form lining for the entire car seat and not only in the head area. It must come with a warranty from the manufacturer.

The best Britax car seat infant must provide a variety of safety-friendly features that include bubble levels for assurance of correct installation angles, car seat base levelling feet and simplified LATCH adjustment. It must come with a detachable base that can be installed separately on the rear seat of the vehicle for allowance of the easy transportation of the infant seat.

The best Britax car seat toddler must provide for the custom fitting of the 5 point harness with a one hand adjustment and multiple harness slots not requiring rethreading of harness straps. The continuous fitting of the harness to a growing child in the proper manner by the parents is ensured by a harness that is easy to adjust.

Two Options for the Best Britax Car Seat Infant Available on the Market

1.  Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat

The Britax B-Safe Infant Best Britax Car Seat InfantCar Seat is the best Britax car seat infant being a great model to fit low birthweight babies down to 4 pounds. It fits a baby all the way down to the advertised minimum weight as not all infant seats really fit the lowest weight they advertise. It is a very nice seat all around with a lot of handy features including 4 harness height settings and an adjustable crotch strap depth It includes an infant comfort pillow along with harness comfort pads and a belly pad for the buckle. It provides energy absorbing foam around the head and upper torso. Its handle can be left in any locked position in the car. It offers a smooth locking mechanism, making it easy to drop the carrier into place and release it from the base.

2. Britax Chaperone Infant Car SeatBritax Chaperone Infant Car Seat

The Britax Chaperone Infant Car Seat is the safest Britax car seat infant being rated from 4 to 30 pounds. It provides low birth weight foam for fit improvement for smaller babies. It has a no rethread harness system and sturdy head wings for additional side impact protection. It comes with built-in seat belt lock offs and push button LATCH connectors. It has bubble level indicators on the seat itself and an ati-rebound bar on base for minimization of rotational force in some types of crashes. It is automatically compatible with the Britax Chaperone stroller and with other stroller brands using an adapter strap.

Which Best Britax Car Seat Infant To Go For? And Why?

It appears that the B-Safe is a runaway winner in all aspects of functionality, popularity and affordability against the Chaperone. It is a half point higher in terms of consumer ratings, has received around 35 more consumer reviews and is priced approximately $40 lower than the Chaperone. Our pick for the best Britax car seat infant is the Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat.

Our Pick : Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat

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