Best Britax Car Seat Convertible

What is the Best Britax Car Seat Convertible?

The best Britax car seat convertible must be the safest child restraint system that fits a child, a vehicle and the family budget. It must provide the ability to be used correctly each time without fail.

When does a Car Seat not fit a Child Anymore?

Safest Britax Car Seat ConvertibleThe determination of how long the car seat will last a child depends on the torso height and proportions of the child. Signs of outgrowth include the shoulders of the child being above the highest harness slot position and the head of the child being one inch from the top of the main shell of the seat, not the adjustable headrest.

The determination of the age when a child is no longer fit to use a car seat depends on the development of the torso of the child. A child with an unusually long torso with shoulders that reach the top harness position before reaching the maximum height of weight of the seat would be a candidate for graduation to a belt positioning booster seat.

Features of the Best Britax Car Seat Convertible

The safest Britax car seat convertible offers a number of features that improve the safety of a car seat. It must meet existing government safety requirements and pass standard crash tests.

The best Britax car seat convertible must offer a 5 point harness which is the safest type of harness that gives the best fit and reduces the chance of ejection. It must have a design that makes it easier to use compared with other child restraint systems.

The top rated Britax car seat convertible must provide wide and twist free straps as a twisted strap reduces the area that restrains a child during a crash, the outcome of which are burns or more severe injuries.

The best Britax car seat convertible must come with two piece chest clips that are typically easier to use, reduce strap twisting and more difficult for a child to detach.

The care free Britax car seat convertible must have a mechanism on the front for the adjustment of the harness tightness as well as the harness height. The pinching of any part of the strap away from the shoulder must be prevented by the snugness of the harness. The increase in ride down time and the reduction of the forward movement of the head in a crash as well as the overall injury risk are the advantages of a tight harness. Regardless of the clothing that a child is wearing, the likeliness of the proper adjustment of the harness on every occasion is ensured by an easier adjustment of the harness tightness.

Two Options for the Best Britax Car Seat Convertible Available on the MarketBest Britax Car Seat Convertible

1. Britax Marathon 70 G3

The Britax Marathon 70 G3 is the best Britax car seat convertible being one of the next generation convertible car seats that fit children rear facing weighing 5 to 40 pounds and forward facing weighing up to 70 pounds with a height limit of 49”. It fits average children through the age of 6. It is a little luxury recliner for a child, being soft and plush, with a deeper seat, enabling a child to have more room for legs and support for thighs, translating into a comfortable sitting experience. It comes with an 8 inch crotch strap for a perfect and not too tight fit. It has two different slot positions for child growth accommodation.

2. Britax Pavilion 70 G3

TBritax Pavilion 70 G3he Britax Pavilion 70 G3 is a top 10 Britax car seat convertible complete with newly upgraded safety features for provision of a 360 degree protection for children. Its rear facing weight range is 5 to 40 pounds and its forward facing weight range is 20 to 70 pounds. Upgraded safety features include the integrated HUGS with Safe Cell technology, integrated steel bars, a Safe Cell technology base and an energy absorbing versa-tether. Its EZ buckle system keeps the buckle in a convenient and easy to reach forward position for the faster and simpler boarding of a child. To provide assurance of proper harness snugness, it provides an audible aid with its click & safe snug harness indicator.

Which Best Britax Car Seat Convertible To Go For? And Why?

The biggest advantage of the Marathon over the Pavilion lies in its garnering a half point edge as far as consumer ratings is concerned, proposing a superiority in terms of features and functions. A secondary advantage appears in its approximately $40 lower price that makes it affordable to more consumers. A slight advantage is its garnering more consumer reviews in the slightest number possible that makes the two models almost equal in terms of popularity among the masses. Our pick for the best Britax car seat convertible is the Britax Marathon 70 G3.

Our Pick : Britax Marathon 70 G3

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